I would like to congratulate Officer Doug Talbot for being named Officer of the Month for August 2011. Sergeant Eric Herman nominated him for this award.

The month of August was a stupendous and productive month for Officer Talbot. However, this is just an example of his continued high level of self initiated contacts for the month, and virtually every month. Officer Talbot handled a total of 160 incidents in August, with 87 self initiated contacts.  The incidents included 60 traffic stops, 25 citations, and 16 arrests, including 4 DUI arrests with 1 felony DUI.  

     Officer Talbot shows no slack in his patrol work. He continually shows he is a top performer, month after month by being productive in all areas of patrol work. Officer Talbot consistently makes arrests for a wide variety of criminal violations and focuses on the most current issues affecting the community. He looks beyond the initial contact and frequently locates criminal activity that would go unnoticed without his attention to detail. 

     Officer Talbot is a dedicated and efficient officer that continues to be a shining example for other officers to follow.  He consistently writes reports that are timely, concise, and detailed.  He continues to work well with other members of his crew and regularly volunteers to assist other officers, even when it is inconvenient for him.  Officer Talbot displays the qualities that make the Collinsville Police Department the best police agency in the area. For these reasons and many more, I believe Officer Talbot deserves to be recognized as Officer of the Month for August, 2011.