I would like to congratulate Officer Brad Pickerel for being named Officer of the Month for September 2011. Sergeant Charles Mackin nominated him for this award.

 Officer Brad Pickerel had a total of 99 incidents with 16 arrests and 9 citations in 14 working days. Officer Pickerel had two significant incidents that were pointed out for consideration by Sgt. Mackin.

The first was on 9-13-11 when Officer Pickerel stopped a suspect for a traffic violation. The suspect was discovered to possess a suspended Illinois driver’s license. Officer Pickerel searched the car incident to arrest and found a pound and a half of cannabis packaged for sale hidden in the trunk of the suspect’s car. Then on 9-21-11 Officer Pickerel went to The Cutting Edge barber shop to arrest a wanted person. Officer Pickerel was told by the owner that he fired the subject Officer Pickerel was looking for. Officer Pickerel had received prior information that there persons associated with the business who was suspected of selling a controlled substance out of the business. Officer Pickerel received consent from the owner to search the business. During a search, Officer Pickerel found a bag of bath salts, similar to those that have caused deaths in the area, packaged for sale in the back room of the business. The case is under investigation.

This type of proactive police work is what makes Officer Pickerel stand out as a patrol officer. He is an asset to the Collinsville Police Department and to the citizens whom he protects. Congratulations to Officer Pickerel for being named Officer of the Month.