Collinsville Police Department - Animal Control



The Collinsville Animal Services Department’s basic mission is to provide public safety through the humane control of domestic animals throughout the city limits of Collinsville, Illinois. The Department enforces all state, county, and municipal laws regarding the care and control of domestic animals.  The Department is staffed by full-time, fully trained, professional animal control officers.  The Department works with other agencies both locally and nationally to ensure we provide our citizens with effective enforcement, a professional and knowledgeable staff, and the highest quality of service.


The Department is responsible for the operation of the Warren Billhartz Collinsville Animal Shelter.  The shelter serves as the office for the animal control officers, safe and humane housing for stray, unwanted, and abused animals, and an adoption agency.  Through the shelter, the Department works to quickly return stray pets to their owners as well as finding new homes and owners for the pets without.  The Department also offers volunteer opportunities for individuals wanting to assist in these goals.


If you are missing a dog or cat, click here to view the animals currently at the shelter.

Contact us at:

119 United Drive

618-346-5213 Phone