Mitch Bair, AICP

Community Development Director, City Planner
618-346-5200 ext. 1120

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Mitch is the Director of Community Development and the City Planner. His responsibilities include Planning & Zoning, Development, Land Use, and Neighborhood Planning.  He is the liaison to the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals.


Tracy_HeadshotTracy Carlson

Planning Assistant
618-346-5200 ext. 1123
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As the first contact for zoning questions, Tracy is responsible for responding to zoning requests and can answer general questions and inquiries regarding zoning.  She serves as recording secretary to the Planning Commission, Economic Development Commission, Uptown Development Commission, and Property Maintenance Board of Appeals.


City of Collinsville Zoning Code

City of Collinsving Zoning Map




Development in Collinsville begins with an initial contact with Mitch Bair.  The next step is a development review meeting with a team consisting of Street, Water & Wastewater Departments, Police & Fire, the City Engineer, City Planner, and Director of Operations.  During this meeting, a potential developer will be given information on requirements and the process for obtaining approval of the development.  Most projects are then reviewed by the Planning Commission for recommendation to the City Council.  The entire process, including rezoning, site plan, subdivision plat, improvement plan, and building plan approval takes approximately 6-9 weeks. 




The City of Collinsville has adopted regulations regarding the zoning of property.  These regulations are found in the Municipal Code, Chapter 17, commonly known as the Zoning Code.  The zoning code is intended to serve the following purposes:

To promote the health, safety, quality of life, comfort and general welfare of the City and its planning area, which includes the area within the City Corporate Limits and unincorporated territory lying outside the City forming the total community of which Collinsville is a part.  To preserve and protect property values throughout the City and its planning area.  To restrict and regulate the height, number of stories, and size of structures; the percentage of lot coverage; the size of yards, courts and other open spaces; and the density of population.  To divide the City and its planning area into zones and districts.  To regulate and restrict the location and use of structures and land within each district or zone.  To provide adequate light, air, privacy and safe convenient access to property.  To lessen or avoid congestion in public streets and rights of way.  To provide for the elimination of incompatible and nonconforming uses of land, buildings and structures which are adversely affecting the character of desirable development in each district, and to serve as a tool in the implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan.  

Click here to view the current Collinsville Subdivision Code.

is required when a use is proposed that is not allowed in the current zoning district, or when expanding or developing in a district considered for pre-existing uses only.  To view allowable uses in each zoning district, click here for Table 5, Use Table, of the Zoning Code.


Rezoning Application for New Construction

Rezoning Application for Existing Structures

A Variance may be requested when relief is sought from specific provisions of the zoning code, such as yard setbacks, minimum lot size, or allowed accessory structures, etc. 


Variance Application

A Special Use Permit may be requested to obtain approval of a specific use within a zoning district, such as a bed and breakfast in a residential district.


Special Use Permit Application 


Site Plan Review Application

Preliminary Plat Application

Final Plat Application

Improvement Plans Application

Planning Commission Meeting Submittal Schedule


REQUESTS FOR ZONING:  The City's Zoning Map can be accessed here.  Zoning designations should be confirmed through the City by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with the parcel ID number and / or the common address of the property.  Requests for zoning are normally answered within one business day.


Questions should be directed to Tracy Carlson, Planning Assistant at 618-346-5200 x1123 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it