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Written by Julie Jackson   
Wednesday, 20 February 2013 16:21

Employee of the Month -- February 2013

~ Fire Captain Dale Kyrouac ~

Congrats to Fire Captain Dale Kyrouac!  He has been selected as Employee of the Month for February 2013 - please see his nomination below.


"I would like to submit the name of Captain Dale Kyrouac as City employee of the month.  Dale has been an inspiration to many of us here at the Fire Department and has exemplified the meaning of being a true leader.  He has spent countless hours, many of which are uncompensated, ensuring the Collinsville Fire Department continues its mission of providing excellent service to our residents and visitors. 


This however, is only a small part of Dale’s exceptional character.  Dale continues to show tremendous love and care for all our residents who need a kind and devoted person in their times of personal turmoil.   One example of a resident who Dale has taken a personal interest in, is an elderly man who is very familiar to all the members of the Fire Department.  He has struggled with alcohol abuse and he has been in frequent need of assistance from the Fire Department because of repeated falls and his inability to get himself off the floor.  Commonly, when the crews arrive to aid this distressed resident, we find his stove or oven left on with incidents of a near catastrophic fire found on many visits.  Fire crews dutifully aid this distressed resident and return his home to a safe condition. 


One member however, has made the safety of this resident a priority.  Dale makes nearly every shift visit this resident to make sure he has not fallen or left his home in a state of perpetual hazard.  Dale has been such a constant fixture in the care of this resident that the cleaning staff, hired to clean the home of this resident, has Dale’s name and phone number on the refrigerator with a note to call him if there is any assistance needed.  I personally have been to this residence and I have witnessed the genuine concern Dale shows towards this gentleman.  This alone would be a meritorious act and would be worthy of a far larger reward.  Yet, this is not the only time Dale has represented, not only the Fire Department but the City as a whole, in such an exceptional way.   Dale takes the time to aid all of our residents and visitors with a care and concern that is frequently uncommon in our society today.   He unendingly displays the true meaning of brotherly love, relief, and truth. 


Therefore, as a representative of D-Shift and the Fire Department, I would like to nominate Captain Dale Kyrouac as the City of Collinsville Employee of the Month.   And if a commendation existed of Employee of the Year, Dale would be without question the recipient of that award as well." 

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