~ Officer Mike Bell ~


Congratulations to Officer Mike Bell for being named Officer of the Month for March 2013.  Officer Bell handled a total of 45 incidents and made 7 arrests during the month; however, the primary reason for his nomination is not related to his self-initiated patrol activity, but to the decisive action he took while handling a serious traffic accident.  Please see his nomination below:

Officer Bell responded to a report of a single car rollover crash on Route 157 near Sugarloaf.  When Officer Bell arrived on scene he discovered a vehicle on its roof in the ditch with large pieces of the vehicle scattered throughout the area.  Numerous other people had stopped to offer assistance upon seeing the destroyed car in the ditch.  Officer Bell quickly realized the driver had been ejected from the vehicle during the crash and was now trapped under the overturned car.  The driver was still conscious and was yelling for help.  Several citizens, hearing the cries for help, spontaneously gathered at the rear of the car and were able to temporarily lift it off of the trapped driver.  Bystanders were yelling that the driver should not be moved because any serious neck or back injuries could be aggravated if he was moved.  In the chaos, Officer Bell quickly determined that the driver would also be seriously injured or killed if the vehicle was dropped back onto the driver.  Officer Bell dragged the victim from under the vehicle, not knowing how long the people lifting the car could hold it off the driver.  EMS arrived on scene a short time later and transported the crash victim to the hospital.  The driver sustained serious injuries and was later transported to a hospital in St Louis.

Officer Bell made a split-second decision that may have saved a crash victim from being crushed to death by his own vehicle.  The driver sustained serious injuries but survived the crash, with credit to Officer Bell for making the correct decision during a high-stress life threatening situation.  For these reasons I believe Officer Bell deserves to be recognized as Officer of the Month for March, 2013.





~ Officer Bud Jeremias ~


The Police Department would like to announce that Officer Wilbert “Bud” Jeremias has been chosen as Officer of the Month for December 2012.  He was nominated for this award by Sgt. Charles Mackin, who stated the following in his nomination:


Officer Jeremias handled 100 incidents with 18 arrests with eight being self-initiated felony arrests in 13 days worked.  The eight self-initiated felony arrests include five for outstanding felony warrants, one for felony driving revoked, one for Possession of Controlled Substance, and one for Possession of Ammo/Weapon by a convicted felon.


The Possession of Ammo by a felon and Possession of Controlled Substance are significant cases.  In the ammo case, Officer Jeremias stopped a suspect for failing to signal when changing lanes.  Officer Jeremias became suspicious of the driver and ran a criminal history on him.  Officer Jeremias discovered the subject had a long criminal history including several drug and weapon offenses, along with various other charges.  Officer Jeremias asked for back-up and received consent to search the suspects’ vehicle.  During the search, Officer Jeremias located a WD-40 can with a false bottom.  Inside the can, several roundsof ammunition was discovered and the suspect was arrested.  This type of proactive patrol is what helps keep the criminal element out of Collinsville.  


In the Possession of Controlled Substance case, Officer Jeremias stopped a suspect for defective taillights.  Officer Jeremias smelled the odor of cannabis coming from the car.  Officer Jeremias discovered the front seat passenger had an outstanding St. Clair County warrant.  The suspect was arrested for the warrant.  A search of the vehicle revealed a stocking hat on the floor where the suspect was sitting.  Officer Jeremias searched the hat and found a prescription pill bottle in the hat.  Inside the pill bottle were numerous pills of two types of pills both to be controlled substance.  The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with the controlled substance. 


Officer Jeremias has shown time and time again his value to the Collinsville Police Department.  His work ethic is second to none.  His activity is very high even though he is a canine officer and lead canine handler.  He is also one of the leaders in the ACE program.  It is for these reasons I feel Officer Jeremias is deserving of Officer of the Month.




~ Officer Doug Talbot ~


Officer Doug Talbot has been chosen as Officer of the Month for November 2012!  Sergeant Eric Herman nominated him for this award and stated the following about Officer Talbot: 

My primary reason for this nomination is because of Officer Talbot’s continued high level of self-initiated contacts for the month, and virtually every month.  Officer Talbot made 16 arrests and handled a total of 96 incidents in November, with 55 self-initiated contacts.  His contacts included 39 traffic stops and 10 self-initiated felony arrests.  His felony arrests consisted of 5 felony warrants, 2 aggravated DUIs, and 1 occupied stolen vehicle, among others.


Officer Talbot shows no slack in his patrol work.  Officer Talbot continually proves he is a top performer, month after month and year after year, by being productive in all areas of patrol work.  Not only is he productive, but the quality of his work continues to improve.  Officer Talbot consistently spends his time doing the right things and focusing enforcement action on the crimes and people that directly impact the safety of our community.  He is familiar with the local criminal element, whether they are involved in drug crimes, property crimes, or were arrested for DUI.  In addition, Officer Talbot has the uncanny ability to retain specific details of criminal incidents people have been involved in, which frequently leads to additional criminal arrests or solving other felony cases.


Officer Talbot is a dedicated and efficient officer who continues to be a shining example for other officers to follow.  He displays the skill, work ethic, and efficiency that make the Collinsville Police Department the best police agency in the area.  Officer Talbot would be a wonderful addition to virtually any law enforcement agency nationwide, and I am proud to say that he is a Collinsville Police Officer.  For these reasons and many more, I believe Officer Talbot deserves to be recognized as Officer of the Month for November, 2012.





~ Officer Sam Luna ~


The Police Department is pleased to announce that Officer Sam Luna has been chosen as Officer of the Month for October 2012. Make sure to congratulate Officer Luna when you see him - his nomination is below.


During the month of October, Officer Luna handled a total of 67 incidents, made 16 traffic stops which resulted in 10 arrests, made 3 self initiated felony arrests, 1 aggravated DUI arrest, and issued 22 citations and written warnings. He also attended a three-day training course which limited his patrol time for the month. One case in particular that Officer Luna investigated deserves added attention.


This particular case began as a routine misdemeanor warrant arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. While knocking on the door in an attempt to locate the suspect, Officer Luna saw the wanted person and noticed she was acting suspiciously, possibly attempting to hide drugs or other contraband. Officer Luna spoke with the suspect upon entering the residence and his suspicions of drug activity increased. He then conducted a consent search of the house and located heroin and paraphernalia used to inject heroin that belonged to the suspect. Officer Luna arrested the suspect on the active misdemeanor warrant and for possession of a controlled substance that he found during the search. Luna could have simply charged the suspect with possession of a controlled substance and closed the investigation. Instead, he developed rapport with the suspect during the booking process and gained her cooperation in working with MEGSI to purchase heroin from known dealers in Collinsville. The case was turned over to MEGSI for further investigation.


Officer Luna, while serving less than 2 years with the department, consistently displays professionalism and investigative skill well beyond his experience and treats every day as a new day to further develop. He has a positive attitude, even under the most trying circumstances or stressful situations. He consistently looks for leads “beyond the stop” and follows those leads to the end. His reports are always complete, concise, and written in a timely manner. Office Luna regularly volunteers to assist other members of the department and never treats the added work as a burden.


While Luna is the newest member of patrol, he is continually a top performer on B Squad. He is a dedicated and efficient officer whose work ethic and determination are a shining example for other officers to follow. His professionalism and team mentality help make the Collinsville Police Department the best law enforcement agency in the area. For these reasons and many more, Officer Luna has earned recognition as Officer of the Month for October, 2012.



Officer Jason Harrison has been selected as Officer of the Month for February 2012. He was nominated by Sgt. Charles Mackin.

Officer Harrison handled 183 incidents with 34 arrests with seven being self initiated felony arrests and 15 citations in 14 days. Officer Harrison had two felony warrant arrests performing  during self initiated criminal warrant checks, along with three other significant  felony arrests.

Officer Harrison initiated a traffic stop on Vandalia at Johnson for an equipment violation.  Officer Harrison smelled the odor of cannabis near the vehicle and found 112 grams of cannabis and unknown white pills.  This led to the arrest of three suspects for felony Possession of Cannabis and Possession of Controlled Substance.

In another case, Officer Harrison stopped a suspect for a traffic violation and discovered she had a revoked driver’s license for DUI. The suspect was arrested and charged with felony driving while revoked. Also in on another evening, Officer Harrison was checking the hotels and discovered and discovered a suspect in Motel 6 had an outstanding Madison County Felony Warrant. The suspect was arrested without incident.

Officer Harrison has shown time and time again his value and work ethic to the Collinsville Police Department. His activity is very consistent. He always shows up for work ready to give 110%. He is one of the department’s leaders in arrests.

It is for the reasons I feel Officer Harrison is deserving of Officer of the Month.
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