I would like to congratulate Officer Jason Harrison for being named Officer of the Month for March, 2011. Sergeant Chuck Mackin nominated him for this award.

Officer Harrison has proven himself to be a proactive police officer and quality team member of this organization. He has demonstrated himself to be a top notch Officer who has the best interest of the citizens of Collinsville in mind when he comes to work. He displays a positive attitude and that reflects on his work ethic.

 During the past month, Officer Harrison has confirmed his proactive approach to policing. He handled 163 incidents and made 20 criminal arrests. In addition he wrote 18 traffic citations and 2 DUI’s. He accomplished this task while only working 14 days during the month. One of the people that Officer Harrison arrested for DUI also possessed a revoked driver license and the suspect was charged with a felony by the Madison County States Attorney.  

 Officer Harrison is committed proactive officer and  provides evidence every day that he is dedicated to serving and protecting the people of Collinsville. Congratulations to him for being named Officer of the Month for March 2011.    




I would like to congratulate Officer Bradley Pickerel for being named Officer of the Month for February, 2011. Acting Sergeant Melissa Cooper nominated him for this award.

Officer Pickerel has proven himself to be a valuable member of this organization. He is consistently a high performer and displays a positive attitude everyday he comes to work. During the past month, Officer Pickerel only worked 13 days, yet was involved in a total of 125 incidents which included 10 Misdemeanor Arrests, 3 Felony arrests and 40 traffic contacts for the month. Officer Pickerel maintained the highest number of directed patrols and Traffic Crash Corridor enforcements on the crew.

He is a energetic proactive Officer who has shown a commitment to the job and to protecting the people of Collinsville. These traits where displayed by one of his arrest on February 27th..  While on patrol Officer Pickerel identified a vehicle committing a traffic violation.  A traffic stop followed in which he identified the passenger to be in possession of open alcohol and have outstanding St. Clair Co., warrants. Officer Pickerel began “looking beyond the stop” and developed probable cause to arrest the driver for Possession of Cannabis with intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, and Possession of drug paraphernalia. He also seized a significant amount of cannabis and money along with suspected cocaine.   


 Acting Sergeant Cooper stated that in her observation that Patrolman Pickerel shows attention to detail to all his calls for service and is diligent in fully investigating and seeing his cases through to conclusion. He is also committed to all the goals of the Collinsville Police Department. 






I would like to congratulate Officer Paul Kilquist for being named Officer of the Month for January, 2011. Sergeant Gary Scaggs nominated him for this award.

Officer Kilquist was responsible for apprehending several dangerous subjects during a single incident. While on patrol during the late evening of January 22, 2011 Officer Kilquist initiated a stop on a vehicle for a traffic violation. As Officer Kilquist was approaching the vehicle a broadcast came across his radio about an armed robbery that had just occurred a few blocks away. Officer Kilquist immediately recognized that the vehicle he had stopped fit the description of the suspect vehicle. He then called for back-up and made contact with the occupants.

Further investigation revealed that he had indeed stopped the suspects of the armed robbery and they were subsequently arrested. Found inside were the items that had been taken from the victim along two stolen handguns used in the crime. Information later gathered from other agencies revealed that one of the individuals arrested is a suspect in several armed robberies around the area. All three subjects were later charged with armed robbery.

Officer Kilquist maintained his professionalism and demonstrated his training and level headedness in making this arrest. Officer Kilquist continues to make sure that the citizens of Collinsville receive diligent police services.



I would like to congratulate Officer Luke Tillman for being named Officer of the Month for December, 2010. Sergeant Chuck Mackin nominated him for this award.

Officer Tillman’s job performance in December is an example of the extraordinary work ethic displayed by him on a regular basis. It further demonstrates his dedication to the mission of the Collinsville Police Department. Officer Tillman was very busy for the month of December. He only worked twelve days during the month; however he was able to make 17 arrests, including six for DUI. In addition to this productive month he initiated a case involving a significant arrest.

While on routine patrol at about 3:30 A.M. Officer Tillman observed an unoccupied vehicle with the interior lights on. Upon further investigating it he heard a car alarm going off nearby and observed a subject walking and carrying items in a pillow case. Officer Tillman stopped the subject found him in possession of what later turned out to be several stolen items.

However, the story does not stop there. Further investigation revealed that a vehicle was also stolen and there were two other suspects. Officer Tillman and the other officers who had arrived to assist located the stolen vehicle and the other two suspects fled from the car and were subsequently captured. The ensuring investigation led to the arrest of all three suspects and the solving of at least twelve car burglaries and a recovered stolen auto.

Sgt. Mackin described Officer Tillman as a “valuable asset” to the Collinsville Police and to citizens he protects. Congratulations to Officer Tillman for being named Officer of the Month and thank you for your dedication and hard work.      




I would like to congratulate Officer Josh Hunt for being named Officer of the Month for November 2010. Sergeant Brett Boerm nominated him for this award.

Officer Hunt’s job performance in November is testimony to the dedication he has to the people of Collinsville. It is also another example of the proactive approach of policing that he displays every day. In addition to the fact that he had 10 misdemeanor arrests and two felony arrest he was also involved in 148 calls for service. One event that stands out demonstrates Officer Hunt’s ability to seek out the criminal element.  

In that incident officer Hunt conducted a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. During the course of the traffic stop Officer Hunt felt that the driver was acting suspiciously. The driver was eventually discovered to have a warrant and was placed under arrest. Officer Hunt still felt that the driver was worried about something more than the warrant.  As he began searching his vehicle after the arrest Officer Hunt discovered a large amount of several ounces of cocaine in the vehicle. The driver was subsequently charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance.


 Again, Congratulations to  Officer Hunt, who has proven himself to be a proactive, professional police officer and his an asset to the Collinsville Police Department.     


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