I would like to congratulate Officer Mark Kuechle for being named Officer of the Month for October 2010. Sergeant Chuck Mackin nominated him for this award.

Officer Kuechle’s job performance in October is an example of the proactive philosophy of the Collinsville Police Department. A couple events last month demonstrate Officer Kuechle’s ability to look further into all types of calls and to proactively address the criminal element that threatens our city.  His overall job performance and dedication is an example of the service provided by him and others to the people of Collinsville.

Sgt. Mackin’s nomination is based on Officer Kuechle’s actions during the investigations of seemingly minor offenses. During the first incident, Officer Kuechle was dispatched to a criminal damage report. During the course of the investigation he advised the victim that he would check the area for the suspect vehicle. Officer Kuechle did check the area and located the vehicle. Inside the vehicle was a subject passed out, along with drug paraphernalia and a small amount of heroin. A subsequent investigation by Officer Kuechle led to the search of a residence and seizure of several items used to distribute and ingest heroin, along with an undetermined amount of various controlled substances. This also led to the arrest of three subjects charged with felony drug charges.

During another incident Officer Kuechle stopped a vehicle for a cracked windshield. The driver of the vehicle was a subject known by Officer Kuechle to be involved in the distribution of heroin. Officer Kuechle became suspicious and began to further his investigation. He was assisted by Officer Jeremias and his K-9 partner, Alcatraz. During the subsequent search of the vehicle a large amount of heroin was found packaged for sale. The driver of the vehicle was subsequently charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.

In addition to the arrest mentioned Officer Kuechle also made 3 other felony arrest and 4 misdemeanor arrest on various other cases. Officer Kuechle continually proves his dedication to the people of Collinsville is an example of the proactive approach to law enforcement that has made this department stand out.              




I would like to congratulate Officer Mike Bauer for being named Officer of the Month for September 2010. Sergeant Gary Scaggs nominated him for this award.

Officer Bauer’s overall job performance in September shows a level a dedication and professionalism that is worthy of this distinction. His overall job performance and dedication is an example of the service provided by him and others to the people of Collinsville.

Sgt. Scaggs nomination is based on Officer Bauer taking the extra step to ensure that the victim’s cases receive the proper amount of attention that a serious case deserves. It also demonstrates the concern he has for the people of Collinsville. Both of these cases involve young children.

On two separate calls, Officer Bauer provided service above and beyond what would commonly be expected to be done.  In the first incident, Officer Bauer was dispatched to an elementary school in reference to a report of child abuse.  Subsequent investigation led Officer Bauer to find the ten year old victim had been previously investigated for similar abuse allegations.  He found the victim had been beaten with an electrical cord so severely that marks were still evident days after the abuse occurred.  While these types of incidents are uncomfortable for anyone to handle, Officer Bauer completed his investigation thoroughly and did not simply “pass the report on” to the detective division to complete.  The mother of the victim, who was also the suspect in the beating, was later charged with a Class X felony.  Another adult, who was in the household and present when the abusive act was done, was charged with a special misdemeanor. 


In the second case of note, Officer Bauer was assigned a call in which a juvenile male was reported to be masturbating from inside his house but visible from students and parents at another elementary school who could see him through a window of the house.  Again, as is all too easy to imagine, this type of call could be passed off or ignored and of no importance.  Officer Bauer verbalized the thought that the child may have been acting out in response to abuse and interviewed him.  He also met with and interviewed the child’s father.  After an exhaustive investigation, Officer Bauer was able to verify there was no previous abuse and subsequently place the child in a Juvenile Diversion program through the Madison County Juvenile Detention center.  Officer Bauer was also able to ensure the child received counseling in conjunction with the diversion.


Both of these cases were labor intensive and time consuming.  Whereas other officers may have been tempted to simply pass over these incidents in order to dispose of them and move back into patrol in order to pursue more “police” type activities. These incidents are a sampling of what police officers deal with on a regular basis.  Although the Collinsville Police Department encourages and rewards high activity, we will not overlook good, solid police investigative work as it has been represented in these two incidents. 




Patrolman Jay Edwards DSN 290 has been chosen as the August, 2010 Officer of the Month for the Collinsville Police Department.  Sergeant Boerm nominated Patrolman Edwards, noting that in the month of August Patrolman Edwards generated a total of 196 incidents, 46% of which were Self-Initiated Field Activity (SIFA).  His activity included 16 arrests, 47 traffic stops and 40 vehicle/pedestrian/building checks.  Patrolman Edwards’s SIFA activity generated the following arrests: 7 misdemeanor warrant arrests, 1 felony warrant arrest, 1 felony drug arrest, and 1 Unlawful Possession of Weapon by a Felon. 


One incident of Officer Edwards’ activity was not only a highlight of his performance but also an example of a dangerous situation that he handled with considerable ability.  On 08/13/10, Patrolman Edwards was on routine patrol in the downtown bar district when he happened upon a fight in progress involving several people just outside The Drift Inn and Shorty’s Pub.  On seeing this, Patrolman Edwards immediately took action, notifying dispatch of the fight, exiting his squad car, and confronting the involved individuals.  Approaching the fighting crowd, Patrolman Edwards saw that one of the combatants was armed with an opened pocket knife, which had a three inch blade.  Patrolman Edwards ordered this armed subject and others to ground at gunpoint, gained their immediate compliance, and ended the fight before it could escalate.


This action was a self-initiated arrest, as the incident did not generate one telephone call to the CPD.  Much of our jobs relies on having good timing, and that is exactly what Patrolman Edwards had on this date.  This incident could have ended in tragedy when you consider the following factors 1)   numerous intoxicated individuals, 2) involved in a fight, 3) one of which was armed.  It is my humble opinion that had Patrolman Edwards not been in the right place at the right time, doing exactly what is expected of him, someone could have been tragically wounded or killed in the fight. 


Sergeant Boerm concluded his nomination by saying that “Patrolman Edwards, for his short time on the police department, is a model of what a young patrol officer should be.”   



I would like to congratulate Officer Stacy McElroy for being named Officer of the Month for July 2010. Sergeant Brett Boerm nominated him for this award.

Officer McEroy’s overall job performance in July is a model of what an enthusiastic and devoted police officer can achieve. Officer McElroy has repeatedly demonstrated his devotion to police work and the City of Collinsville

During the month of July, Officer McElroy and his K-9 partner Tejon made an impact on the criminal elements inside the City of Collinsville. They were involved in 301 incidents, most of which were self –initiated. This included the following activity;

10 arrests

178 traffic stops

29 foot patrols


Officer McElroy handled one case that stands out among the others. He conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a minor traffic violation. The vehicle was occupied by three males. While speaking with the driver and occupants Officer McElroy, through his training and experience, detected deception and un-characteristic nervousness. As he began to investigate further he discovered the driver was wanted out of the San Antonio, Texas Police Department for felony theft from the elderly. The other occupants were also suspects of similar type offense. They all had an extremely large criminal history regarding theft and fraud related offenses, and there were other items of evidence seized from the vehicle that further assist in the prosecution of the case. The case was eventually refereed the San Antonio Police Department, who subsequently recognized Officer McElroy for his assistance in their ongoing investigation.


Officer McElroy has again proven that looking beyond the initial stop and proactive police work reaps valuable benefits. He continues to raise the bar at the Collinsville Police Department.            




I would like to congratulate Officer Brad Akers for being named Officer of the Month for June 2010. Sergeant Mike Nunley nominated him for this award.

Officer Akers overall job performance in June is an example of what a dedicated professional police officer can accomplish. He continiues to prove the dedication he has for the job and the people he serves.

During the month of June, Sgt. Nunley points out that Officer Akers is a newly assigned K9 officer and recently returned after 8 weeks at the K9 academy.  Since his return to patrol he continues to distinguish himself among his peers and certainly D crew.  For the month of June, 2010, Officer Akers had the following statistics:


10 arrests

16 traffic stops

22 Directed patrols

76 Self initiated incidents

118 total incidents


          Along with the above statistics Officer Akers distinguished himself for an, Unlawful Possession of Controlled Substance and Unlawful Possession of Cannabis  case, which resulted in the Madison County States Attorney issuing a criminal felony warrant against a suspect for 2 counts for the above mentioned violations.


While conducting patrol on June 30, 2010 Officer Akers observed a vehicle commit a traffic violation on Route 40.  Upon initiating traffic stop on the vehicle both occupants of the vehicle attempted to exit.  The driver exited and  cannabis and later crack cocaine was found after it fell from Moore’s lap onto the ground. 

Officer Akers called for assistance and the suspect along with another subject were taken into custody without incident.  A search, subsequent to arrest, produced items that had been taken in a church burglary in East St. Louis, IL and had yet to be discovered.  The minister of the church was located and he drove to the church and confirmed that the church had been burglarized and the electronic music devices, discovered in the vehicle, in fact belonged to the church.


Officer Akers followed his instincts and training to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle with nervous occupants, after discovering probable cause to do so.  Furthermore, his training kicked in and he was able to multi-task, holding the suspects at gunpoint and calling for emergency assistance, then holding them at gunpoint until back-up arrived.  Officer Akers did a remarkable job during the month of June and for his actions is awarded the Officer of The Month










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