Officer Brad Akers has been selected as Officer of the Month for January 2012. He was nominated by Sgt. Eric Herman, primarily for his high level of self initiated contacts for the month, in conjunction with his canine activities.  Officer Akers handled a total of 140 incidents in January with 88 of those incidents being self initiated activity.  The incidents included 17 arrests (2 felony fugitives and 2 drugs), 35 traffic stops, 11 citations, and 15 warrant attempts.  Officer Akers also utilized his canine partner, Sable, in 14 deployments in January which resulted in 6 arrests, including 3 felony drug arrests.  


     In one case Officer Talbot suspected occupants in a vehicle were in possession of illegal drugs, and requested the assistance of Officer Akers and his canine.  Sable alerted on the vehicle and drug paraphernalia related to heroin use was located in the vehicle.  The traffic stop ended with two arrests; one for driving under the influence of drugs, and one for possession of a controlled substance.  In another incident, Officer Akers responded to a request from Maryville PD for a canine sniff during a traffic stop.  Sable alerted on the vehicle and 2 suspects were arrested by Maryville PD for heroin possession. And on yet another case he was doing  an occupied vehicle check on the parking lot of a closed business.  The occupants of the vehicle denied consent to search the vehicle, after being unable to explain what they were doing in the parking lot.  Officer Akers deployed Sable who alerted to the presence of drugs in the vehicle.  Drug paraphernalia was located inside the vehicle and one suspect was arrested after admitting ownership of the drug paraphernalia.


     Officer Akers had an outstanding month, both as a patrol officer and as a canine handler.  The combined activities of Officer Akers and Sable resulted in a total of 23 arrests in January.  Many of those arrests would not have been possible without the use of a well trained and maintained canine.  The success, or failure, of any police canine can be directly attributed to the canine handler.  Officer Akers conducts regular training with Sable, well above what is required to stay certified, to make certain Sable remains at the peak of performance, as demonstrated by their combined success in January.  Officer Akers uses Sable as often as possible to increase the effectiveness of enforcement activities, not only for B squad, but also for surrounding agencies who request the assistance of a canine officer. For these reasons and many others, I believe Officer Akers has earned recognition as Officer of the Month for January, 2011.     




Sgt Eric Herman       






Sgt. Gary Scaggs nominated Officer Jackson for the December 2011 Officer of the Month.  In December 2011, Officer Jackson handled a total of 146 calls for service, which included 90 self-initiated field activities or 61% of his overall activity.  Officer Jackson’s SIFA included the following categories:  42 were traffic-related stops, 10 warrant services or attempted services, 9 Traffic Crash Corridors, and 9 business/building checks.  Additionally, Officer Jackson made 8 misdemeanor and 4 felony arrests. 


Of the 4 Felony arrests, two are particularly noteworthy.  Incident report number PD-11-31610 involved the arrest of Natalia Trigg.  Trigg was stopped for improper use of registration, a minor traffic violation.  She was driving a blue Ford Taurus that was bearing registration assigned to a pink GMC carryall.  Subsequent to the stop, Officer Jackson recalled an earlier intelligence report that indicated Trigg and her passenger, Henry Gaston, were distributing narcotics.  Based upon that information, Officer Jackson requested that Officer Mike Bauer to respond to Officer Jackson’s traffic stop and use his canine, Blaze, to conduct a “sniff” of the vehicle; Blaze alerted to the presence of drug odor emanating from the vehicle.  After gaining consent to search the vehicle, Officer Jackson located cannabis, drug paraphernalia, a scale, a box of sandwich bags, and numerous prescription drugs within the vehicle.  Trigg was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, Unlawful Possession of Cannabis, and Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.


In an unrelated case, Officer Jackson was dispatched to Wal-Mart regarding a belated theft report.  After meeting with the loss prevention officers, Officer Jackson received the details of the retail theft.  Loss prevention reported that a white male entered the store, purchased several small items, and attempted to leave the store with a forty-six inch flat screen television.  After the loss prevention officers gave chase to the thief, later identified as Joseph E. Schwank, he dropped the television, ran to vehicle, and fled the area.  A video camera captured the vehicle, the suspect, and the license plate with enough clarity to help identify Schwank.  Officer Jackson conducted a computer check of the registration plate and identified the suspect vehicle.  He discovered the Collinsville Police Department had numerous contacts with the vehicle, and Schwank was the driving the vehicle during those contacts.  Officer Jackson continued his investigation and found a driver’s license photo of Schwank, which was similar to the image of the suspect from Wal-Mart’s security photo.  He also spoke with the registered owner of the vehicle and confirmed with her that Schwank was the suspect.  Officer Jackson completed a Madison County Request for Prosecution and Schwank was charged with burglary.


Going above and beyond his duties on regular basis is an example of what make Officer Jackson a perfect example of the Officer of the Month for December.


I would like to congratulate Officer Doug Talbot for being named Officer of the Month for November 2011. Sergeant Eric Herman nominated him for this award.

 Officer Talbot handled 149 incidents for the month. During those incidents, Officer Talbot had 14 arrests including 1 for cannabis trafficking and 3 DUI arrests.  Two of the arrests deserve added attention.

 The first incident began with proactive foot patrol at a local hotel. Upon speaking with the desk clerk, Officer Talbot learned that a guest had been acting strangely while checking in.  Officer Talbot suspected the individual was possibly under the influence of drugs. He, along with other officers from B Squad, spoke with the individual inside the hotel room.  The suspect was uncooperative and hostile toward the officers, who then had heightened suspicions of illegal activity.

 Officer Talbot located the suspect’s vehicle in the parking lot of the hotel and canine Sable alerted to the presence of drugs in the vehicle. During a subsequent search of the vehicle over 200 grams of cannabis that was packaged for sale was seized along with approximately $1,800.00 in cash, and other items of drug paraphernalia consistent with the illegal sale of cannabis.  The suspect admitted to selling the cannabis during a subsequent interview.  The investigation resulted in Madison County issuing warrants for Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis and Unlawful Possession of Cannabis.


The other case also began with self-initiated activity from Officer Talbot, who attempted to arrest a female at her residence for outstanding Madison County felony warrants issued for Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance and Aggravated DUI.  The suspect fled on foot, abandoning her juvenile daughter at the scene, when Officer Talbot and other B Squad officers arrived at her residence.


 During the foot pursuit, the female again entered her residence where her juvenile daughter was present, and locked herself inside a room in the residence.  The suspect’s continued resistance resulted in an interior door being forced open where the suspect was taken into custody, without injury to herself or her juvenile daughter.  The case has been forwarded to the detective division for additional felony charges for Endangering the Life or Health of a Child and Obstructing Justice.


 Officer Talbot is a consistent candidate for Officer of the Month, virtually every month, because of his work ethic and dedication to arresting the worst of the criminal element in Collinsville. He is always a top performer within the department and sets the example for the entire department.  Officer Talbot, as a veteran officer, continues to be an asset to the department and displays the qualities that make the Collinsville Police Department the best department in the area.  For these reasons and many others, I believe Officer Talbot has earned recognition as Officer of the Month for November, 2011









I would like to congratulate Officer Leland “Ray” Rowland for being named Officer of the Month for October 2011. Sergeant Eric Herman nominated him for this award.

 Officer Rowland handled 126 incidents for the month with 37 self initiated contacts.  Of those contacts, Officer Rowland made 15 arrests, including 5 arrests for Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Three of the arrests deserve added attention.


 Officer Rowland assisted other officers with a hit and run investigation where the suspect vehicle was located at the duplex known for drug activity. Officer Rowland spoke with one of the occupants of the duplex and immediately identified her as heroin addict.  Officer Rowland conducted a consent search of her personal property and discovered she was in possession of a controlled substance, including used needles.  Officer Rowland arrested the suspect for Possession of a Controlled Substance.


While investigating the same case, Officer Rowland also made contact with another resident of the duplex, who was also suspected of using and selling drugs from his apartment in the past.  Officer Rowland developed information that the second suspect had drugs hidden in his apartment.  Officer Rowland went back to the duplex and made contact with the second suspect. He was able to gain consent to search the residence, and located cocaine and paraphernalia consistent with injecting cocaine inside the apartment. He arrested the second suspect for possession of a controlled substance, who was coincidentally, wearing an ankle monitor for St Clair Probation while awaiting sentencing for a previous felony.


On another case Officer Rowland conducted a relentless follow up investigation regarding thefts of catalytic converters that were cut from parked vehicles in the area of 2003 Mall Street.  Officer Rowland used surveillance video from businesses in the area and tentatively identified a suspect, who lived at 2003 Mall Street. Over the following two months, Officer Rowland conducted regular aggressive patrols in the area in an attempt to catch the suspect in the act of stealing a catalytic converter.




  On 10/7/11, after a brief foot pursuit, Officer Rowland arrested the suspect for an active warrant.  The ongoing investigation led to the arrest of two more suspects, who were staying with McGeehan at 2003 Mall Street, for possession of controlled substances.  Officer Rowland also developed further information that that one of the suspects had a stolen catalytic converter hidden in the apartment. Officer Rowland received consent to search the apartment and located the remains of a stolen catalytic converter.  Officer Rowland continued the investigation and matched the cut portions of the catalytic converter to a vehicle that had the catalytic converter stolen while it was parked in Lenny’s Carpet parking lot.  The case was forwarded to the detective division for charges.


     Officer Rowland is a 15 year veteran with the CPD and continues to be very active in a wide range of patrol activities, investigations, and community events.  Officer Rowland has been the supervisor for the Explorer Post for several years.  Officer Rowland mentors the Explorers and keeps them involved in community activities.  Officer Rowland, in addition to his patrol activities in October, conducted at least 4 child identification events with assistance from the Explorers.   Officer Rowland had an outstanding month in October, which is a reflection of his dedication to making Collinsville a safe community.  Officer Rowland is a team player who always has a positive attitude and goes out of his way to assist any coworker with virtually anything, even when it is inconvenient or time consuming.  Officer Rowland is an outstanding veteran officer who displays the qualities that make the Collinsville Police Department the best department in the Metro-east, and the city of Collinsville a safe community for the residents.  For these reasons and many others, I believe Officer Rowland has earned recognition as Officer of the Month for October, 2011.      



I would like to congratulate Officer Brad Pickerel for being named Officer of the Month for September 2011. Sergeant Charles Mackin nominated him for this award.

 Officer Brad Pickerel had a total of 99 incidents with 16 arrests and 9 citations in 14 working days. Officer Pickerel had two significant incidents that were pointed out for consideration by Sgt. Mackin.

The first was on 9-13-11 when Officer Pickerel stopped a suspect for a traffic violation. The suspect was discovered to possess a suspended Illinois driver’s license. Officer Pickerel searched the car incident to arrest and found a pound and a half of cannabis packaged for sale hidden in the trunk of the suspect’s car. Then on 9-21-11 Officer Pickerel went to The Cutting Edge barber shop to arrest a wanted person. Officer Pickerel was told by the owner that he fired the subject Officer Pickerel was looking for. Officer Pickerel had received prior information that there persons associated with the business who was suspected of selling a controlled substance out of the business. Officer Pickerel received consent from the owner to search the business. During a search, Officer Pickerel found a bag of bath salts, similar to those that have caused deaths in the area, packaged for sale in the back room of the business. The case is under investigation.

This type of proactive police work is what makes Officer Pickerel stand out as a patrol officer. He is an asset to the Collinsville Police Department and to the citizens whom he protects. Congratulations to Officer Pickerel for being named Officer of the Month.       


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