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Written by Leah Joyce, Uptown Coordinator   
Monday, 27 September 2010 13:12

City of Collinsville
Dog Park Rules
Department of Community Development
Community Development 346-5200 ext. 140


1.  Owners must obtain a membership to access the Dog Park. Memberships can be obtained at Collinsville City Hall with proof of current rabies vaccination, a current license in the owner’s county of residence, and a recent photograph for each dog. Owners will receive a receipt of membership and the code to access the park when they submit their application materials.

2.  Park Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

3.  Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the Dog Park.

4.  Gates must remain closed except when entering or exiting the off leash or staging areas.

5.  No choke, pinch or spike collars allowed in the park area. Dogs must wear leather or smooth cloth collars while in the off leash area.

6.  No child under the age of 15 is permitted unless accompanied by an adult.

7.  Aggressive dogs are not permitted on the premises. Dogs must be removed at the first sign of aggression. Owners are legally responsible for their dogs and any injuries or damages caused by them.

8.  Dog owners must be in the park and within view of their dogs at all times. There is a two dog limit per person. Owners must keep the leash in hand at all times.

9.  Owners must seal dog waste in the provided plastic bags and dispose in designated receptacles.

10. Failure to abide by the park rules may result in loss of privileges.

11. The following are NOT ALLOWED in the off leash area:

  • Dogs in heat
  • Glass of any kind
  • Vicious dogs
  • Food on any kind
  • Animals other than dogs
  • Bikes, rollerblades, scooters, or other motorized devices
  • Puppies under 4 months old
  • Smoking inside the off leash area
  • Dogs that are injured or in poor health


Dog Park Membership Process
In order to obtain a Dog Park Membership, owners must register their dog(s) within the County they live.

  • Madison County
    Can be purchased online at
    $10 for dogs under 6 months old or spayed/neutered; $30 for dogs over 6 months old not spayed/neutered
  • St. Clair County
    Mail rabies records and fee ($10 if spayed/neutered, $20 if not) to:
    PO Box 506
    Belleville, IL 62222
    Receipt of registration and rabies tag will be mailed back to owner
    Go into the office with rabies records and fees (cash or check only):
    1250 South 11th Street Belleville, Illinois 62222-0506 618-235-0587


Along with the Dog Park Membership application, owners must submit a copy of their current Dog Registration, a current Rabies Certificate, and a recent photo of their dog. A separate application must be completed for each dog. Owners will receive a receipt of membership and the code to access the park when they submit their application materials. When the access code is changed, owners will receive an update via email.

January Community Development News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Paul W. Mann, Director of Community Development   
Monday, 04 January 2010 14:23

Community Development Department to Utilize Premier Real Estate Data

 The Community Development recently obtained a subscription to CoStar, the Real Estate premier source of independent research and verified commercial property information and market analysis. As a CoStar subscriber, the city of Collinsville joins tens of thousands of brokers, owners, investors, appraisers, lenders, developers and other commercial real estate professionals in the St. Louis Metro market and across the county who rely on this web-based program for property and market data, verified and updated by over 850 research professionals. Community Development will be able to provide our “customers” with important and timely property and building information and be able to use the routinely updated data and information to develop or monthly performance management measures.

Rural King coming to vacant Value City Site

 Rural King has acquired the vacant Value City site on Collinsville Road and plans to open for business by early spring 2010. This site takes advantage of the considerable traffic on I-255 (estimated at 48,000 cars per day) and acts as a catalyst for other redevelopment efforts along this corridor. The Collinsville Road Corridor from I-255 to St. Louis Road is a priority for the City to focus its attention on with renewal efforts. The traffic that Rural King will generate in this area will have a positive effect on the marketability and desirability of this area as a whole and promises to bolster the businesses already operating in this area. Efforts by the Community Development Department in this area forthcoming will be a corridor plan that deals with land use, redevelopment and streetscape improvements. This project represents countless hours of work and dedication by the department to revitalize this area.

Kohl’s Set to Start Work


With the redevelopment agreement approved by the City Council a their December 14th meeting Kohl’s is set to begin work in January beginning with demolition of the vacant Wal-Mart store. Slated to open in fall 2010, Kohl’s will provide a new retail destination for the community and function with the new CVS as a catalyst for redevelopment in the Beltline corridor. The Kohl’s store will be approximately 64,000 square feet with two adjoining accessory retail stores and will establish the expectations for new development along the corridor and begins fulfilling the vision of the Northeast Business District plan regarding land use and streetscape improvements.

Part 1:  How FEMA’s Flood Map Modernization Process will impact you and the Metro East



The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE), which design and build the Metro East levees, has determined that they are no longer adequate and need repair to be certified as providing protection at the 100-year flood level. Without certification by the COE, new flood insurance rate maps being developed by FEMA will show the levees as deaccredited, and designate substantial portion of the American Bottom’s Areas a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Once the new maps become final:

  • ·         Residential and business structures within the SFHA’s with a federally backed mortgage will be required to purchase flood insurance – with the average premium cost for homeowners alone estimates at $1000 or more annually.
  • ·         The new maps also would trigger a requirement to adhere to new elevation standards for construction of any new buildings
  • ·         Unless an estimated $300 million to $500 million worth of levee improvements can be made before the finalization and release of new maps – maybe as soon as August 2010 – the related flood insurance and construction requirements will go into effect at that time.

What is in the affected areas?

150,000 residents, 4000 businesses and 50,000 jobs located in the American Bottoms – a flood plain area that encompasses 25 individual communities in Madison, St. Clair and Monroe counties. These include: Alton, Collinsville, East Alton, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Granite City, Hartford, Madison, Pontoon Beach, Roxana, South Roxana, Venice, and Wood River in Madison County; and Alorton, Belleville, Brooklyn, Caseyville, Cahokia, Centreville, Dupo, East Carondolet, East. St. Louis, Fairmont City, Fairview Heights, Sauget, and Washington Park in St. Clair County; and Columbia in Monroe County. In addition, FEMA’s new flood insurance rate maps will identify portions of Godfrey, Millstadt, Grant Fork, Alhambra, Swansea, Troy, Williamson, Hamel, Maryville and Pierron as SFHA’s for the first time. These changes ill directly affect large portions of all three counties and have economic repercussion across the whole St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  

Who are some of major employers in the impacted areas?

  • ·         Casino Queen, East St. Louis
  • ·         Cerro Flow Products, Sauget
  • ·         ConocoPhillips, Wood River
  • ·         Gateway Regional Medical Center, Granite C ity
  • ·         Touchette & Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital, East St. Louis
  • ·         Kraft Foods, Granite City
  • ·         Maverick Technologies, Columbia
  • ·         Midcoast Aviation, Cahokia
  • ·         Olin Corporation, East Alton
  • ·         Solutia, Sauget
  • ·         Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation, Sauget
  • ·         Southwestern Illinois Correctional Center, East St. Louis
  • ·         U.S. Steel, Granite City


Be sure to check out next month’s Community Development Blog for Part 2!

WiFi is Coming!


Until now, you could enjoy lunch Uptown, but not check your email. That's all about to change when details fall into place for the new WiFi system that allows free public access on Main Street. WiFi is scheduled to be up and running in a three block area along Main Street from Seminary to Morrison in January 2010. This will be welcome news for patrons of Uptown businesses more than for the businesses themselves, explained Uptown Coordinator Melissa Leavy, because of time limits and download speed.


This project was paid for as an infrastructure cost out of the TIF program. The first year cost for the Internet Service Provider, or $1,100, will be paid courtesy of Collinsville Progress. Collinsville Progress, Inc. is the community development and beautification arm of the Chamber of Commerce. Their purpose is to make the Collinsville community more attractive and appealing to potential business and residents and to sponsor projects for the improvement and enjoyment of its citizens.


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Written by Paul W. Mann, Director of Community Development   
Thursday, 22 October 2009 15:21

Westview Condominiums- Second Phase Approved by City

Westview is the owner/developer of approximately 5.02 acres of real property with the common address of 1803 Ramada Blvd, formerly home to the renowned local restaurant Sonny and Chars. The site is easily accessible from the interchange of Interstate 55/70 and State Highway 157. In addition, the site is within one mile of Collinsville Crossing's Shopping Center, where anchor tenants include Home Depot, Wal-Mart Super Center, and many freestanding restaurants and retail/service uses.


Westview is currently redeveloping the site into a total of 28 upscale condominium units (comprising the North and South Wings) and approximately 18,000 square footage of commercial lease space. Currently, 13 of the 28 residential condominium units in the three-story South Wing are available for sale. The commercial lease space divides the north and South Wing. Some prospective tenants for this space include a wine bistro and health club and several office space users.


The project to date has cost approximately $7.8 million including land acquisition, site work, construction, landscaping, personal property and related soft costs for the development of the commercial areas and the South Wing of the residential condominiums. Westview expects to incur an additional $3.2 million in costs to develop the North Wing of the residential condominiums. All costs incurred by Westview for development of the project, including past costs and future anticipated costs, are approximately $11.6 million.


Approximately $250,000 of the project cost is expected to be incurred to demolish the current structure existing on the site of the future North Wing, to properly remove debris, to reconstruct and resurface the parking lot adjacent to the North Wing to conform to City ordinances and to construct other necessary public infrastructure improvements for the North Wing.


Collinsville Community Service/Senior Shuttle Report


Karen Szegedy and Director Jack Gilmore attended a senior focus meeting at the senior center on September 30th.   It was attended by all the agencies in the area that deal with assisted care, nursing homes,  meal delivery and anyone that provides services to senior citizens.  This focus group meets semi-annually to share information on creating a better community for seniors and the disabled of the area.


The moderator Nancy Berry and other agency spokesman were very complimentary regarding the great service the Collinsville Senior Shuttle provides for the seniors and disabled of the community and their respective centers and agencies.


Community Development Activities Report


Community Development Department Staff members met with a representative of CoStar.  Community Development has just purchased new software that provides the Department access to retail, office, industrial and other commercial data within the City of Collinsville as well as other communities located within the Metro East. The software will further allow Community Development to obtain information to share and market to prospective developers, provide analytic data, compare vacancy rates with other communities and use to help measure the Departments Strategic Planning goals and objectives.


The Lincoln-Mercury site located on the northwest quadrant of Beltline and Vandalia has been sold to Korte Realty Company. Community Development Director Paul Mann will be meeting next week with the developers regarding several different development scenarios which would include the inclusion of a cross-access easement to the Walgreens property; the demolition of the building, or portion thereof of the purposes of relocating the Mexican restaurant or the Family Dollar store (located in the Orchards Shopping Center); or a new building for the relocated Swing City. The building is in a state of disrepair and needs to be demolished.


The Community Development Department is tabulating results from the State Park annexation survey sent earlier in the month.  The total responses now stand at:

  • 68 for annexation
  • 58 against
  • 4 people interested if they had more information.


The deadline for survey collection is Friday, October 23.


Building Director Bob Bohnenstiehl is in the process of condemning Hong Kong Buffet (located on State Highway 157 / Bluff Road) and having it demolished.  This would also include the freestanding pole sign and the "Swiss Chalet" style building toward the rear of the site.  Community Development Director Mann inspected the property last week and requested that Director Bohnenstiehl proceed with the demolition process.



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Written by Paul Mann, Community Development Director   
Monday, 28 September 2009 14:47

Community Development Director Attends Meeting on the Levee Restoration Issue for Southwestern Illinois

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is adopting new flood insurance rate maps across the country.  As part of that process, FEMA, with the help of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), is reassessing the condition and adequacy of existing levees to protect against a flood that has a 1% chance of being equaled or exceeded in any single year (commonly referred to as a 100-year flood or a base flood).  Although the Illinois levees in question were federally authorized and built to protect against a 500-year flood, the USACE announced in August of 2007 there were design deficiencies and reconstruction needs that prevented them from "certifying" that these levees could protect against a base flood.

Failure of the levees would result in a historic catastrophe for the region.  As many as 156,000 people would be displaced, 69,000 jobs lost or displaced and direct economic value of property damage conservatively estimated in excess of $12 billion.  The indirect economic losses from closed highways and bridges (the approaches to all of the bridges crossing the Mississippi River in the region would be underwater), closed refineries and steel mills, flooded hospitals and other critical facilities would be incalculable.  And no dollar figure can define the risk to public safety.

How likely is this to happen?  All we know now is that the USACE does not believe the levees could reliably contain a flood of 100-year frequency without the help of substantial floodfighting.  The 1993 flood was a 350-year event.  The risk today from a far less historic flood could be significant.  Put simply, this is the most urgent economic and public safety threat to confront the St. Louis region in memory.

The cost of correcting design deficiencies and rebuilding pump stations and other facilities is massive, potentially $500 million or more in today's dollars.  Costs will be paid by a combination of federal funds and the proceeds of the local sales tax.  Generally, the eligible federal share of costs of these projects is 65% (except for Chain of Rocks, which is 100% federally funded), which would be "matched" by a local share of 35%.  The availability of federal funds, however, is determined through federal authorizing legislation (the Water Resources Development Act) and annual appropriations, so there may be significant uncertainty in the timing and amount of federal contribution to the project.  If these projects are funded at the typical rate of federal funding the USACE estimates that it will take until 2044 to complete work to make the levee systems comply with modern safety and design standards.

Because of the uncertainty of federal funding and the complexity and time consuming nature of the USACE design and construction process, a locally managed and funded approach to design and construction or some combination of local/federal options will be considered.

Time is of the essence in restoring the level of protection of the levee systems in Southwestern Illinois.  Until the flood protection systems are fixed, the risk of flooding and threat to public safety is elevated.  Also, the reclassification of the American Bottom in Illinois as a special flood hazard area by FEMA will have a dramatic and chilling effect on economic growth, and require most homeowners to by flood insurance at substantially increased rates, which may not be affordable for many.  The hope is that the project can be substantially complete and the levees recertified in seven years, although that goal may be unattainable given constraints in funding and discoveries of further deterioration in the levees.

Frost Electric Redevelopment Agreement Passed

The City Council recently approved a redevelopment agreement for long standing Collinsville business - Frost Electric.  Frost Electric opened its first branch location in Collinsville, IL in 1988.  Frost has operated out of a 13,000 square foot facility at #2 Business Center located on Bluff Road.  Due to significant growth, Frost Electric is in need of additional space in order to continue to meet the demand of its customer base.  The current facility is landlocked (from a public right of way) and unable to expand from their existing building.  As a result, Frost is proposing to construct a new 26,000 square foot building on 3.4 acres near Horseshoe Lake Road and ABC Parkway.  The new building will serve as a warehouse, distribution and wholesale facility for a wide variety of electrical components and systems for industrial and commercial industries.  Frost will sell its current facility in Collinsville.

Upon construction, it is estimated that land and improvements for this project will total $1.7 million in real property.  At the current 2007 tax rate, property taxes are estimated to be $42,000 annually. All of these dollars will go the City of Collinsville as these improvements fall within the TIF District.

Frost will be proceeding through the rezoning and site plan review process with the Planning Commission with plans for construction in Spring 2010.

Signage System Installed Uptown

We had previously reported that we've been looking into a signage system that has a two-fold purpose: 1) to direct vehicular traffic to Main Street, and 2) to help pedestrians find businesses on Main Street.  The signs have been installed, and thus far, the comments on the look of the signs and the information contained within them have been very positive. 

On Clay Street, the signs direct traffic to shops and restaurants, City Hall, the Fire Station, public parking, the library and more.   

On Main Street, the signs contain a business map and listing, website information, general event information, building information on sites that are on the walking tour, and information on nearby tourism attractions.


The UrBaN aRt CoOp located in the former Glik's Building at 101 East Main opened for the Italian Fest to highlight some of the new artists that will soon be a permanent business on Main Street.  Ali McArthy, owner of the business, decided to open for the exposure from the Italian Fest, and will close to continue renovations on the building.  The official opening will be in early November.  The UrBaN aRt CoOp will typically be open on the weekends with artists manning booths to sell their art, during the week with consignment art, and for many special events and private parties.   To book an event, call Ali at 618.570.2850. 

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